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There are three types of services offered at Briery, and really the three are extensions of one another.  This is represented by the flow diagram below.  While anyone can attend any service, we suggest trying the Sunday Morning Worship first.
Sunday Morning Worship >> Bible Fellowships >> Home Groups
Bible Fellowships

Our Bible Fellowships are characterized by two things.  First, each group is centered around the Bible.  Every time a Bible Fellowship meets, the Scriptures are taught and applied to the lives of those in the group.  Second, each group enjoys fellowship with other like-minded individuals.  This aspect can also be described as, "doing life together."  It is just better to have others around both in the good times and in the bad times.​

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Sunday Worship

At Briery Fellowship, we strive to lift up the Name of Jesus in everything we do, including the area of Worship. We use a Blended Style of Worship that leans contemporary. We incorporate traditional hymns, older choruses, as well as current songs that you might hear on Christian radio. Each week the Praise Band attempts to lead the congregation in the Worship of the One True God. It is to Him we sing our praises.​


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Home Groups

Home groups are a key component to the ministry of caring at Briery.  It is important for every believer to have a meaningful relationship with another believer.  Our home groups provide an opportunity for ministry outside the walls of the church building.​  Every week groups from Briery meet in the home of a leader to study the Bible and to have meaningful, supportive interactions with others in a safe environment.


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