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About us


Briery Fellowship is a Southern Baptist church affiliated with Oak View Baptist Church in Irving, Texas.  Everything that we do, and everything that we are about at Briery can be summed up in one short statement: to know the Lord Jesus Christ and to make Him known.​  Therefore, every activity and program of our church includes these two elements.  One way that we try live out this statement in the life of our congregation is to:

Exhort the LORD

Engage with the community

Encourage one another 


At Briery we believe in a "come as you are style."  In other words we accept you the same way the LORD accepts you, just as you are.  There is no pressure to dress a certain way or to act a certain way when visiting.  Our services are very informal, and more like a family reunion than a board (bored) meeting.  We generally enjoy one another's company, and love to get to know new people.


We are what one would call "people of the Book."  We hold to a very high view of the Bible.  We believe that it stands as the most important book of all time, and that it is the inspired, inerrant Word of God.  Therefore, we unappolagetically preach and teach from Scripture.  All of our actions as a congregation are tested with Scripture, and we do our best not only to communicate its message, but we strive to be totally faithful in following it.

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